“Today and Tomorrow of Polish Infrastructure”

How does the present program of road investments financing looks like? Will EU funds be a chance of infrastructure development? Is the crisis a real disturber of project realization?

Cigno Consulting and The Executive Club organized “Polish Infrastructure” conference, where experts answered those and other questions. The conference was based in Businessman Institute in Warsaw and took place on 12th of January 2010.

Many popular names of the Polish business market was present on this event; For example, Vice-minister of Infrastructure – Radosław Stępień, Undersecretary of the State of Finance Ministry – Dominik Radziwił, President of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Commission – Stanisław Żmijan, President of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – Tomasz Mironczuk and Vice-President of Parliamentary Infrastructure Commission – Janusz Piechociński. They were building the essential part of the conference by sharing their experience and knowledge about current situation, possibilities and disturbers of the Polish infrastructure development.

Minister Radosław Stępień made a very interesting statement which is worth to mention. He began the conference with words: ‘The skeleton of the Polish communication system will be prepared till 2012. It will consist of A1, A2 and A4 highways. There will be 1000 km of highways and 1500 km of expressways till 2015’. He emphasized, that the matter of the future of Polish infrastructure should be one of priorities of current and also future governments. Process of expansion of the Polish infrastructure should be constantly developed, because it is the most important element simplifying efficient communication and Polish flagship. He also said, that European funds, which were one of the most important substantial parts of the conference, could be a great opportunity for further development. A great idea, according to him, is to establish National Road Fund, which would be financed by private investor.