bolkowskaProf. dr Zofia Bolkowska

Experienced employee of Polish scientific institutes (Institute of Organization and Management of Civil Engineering, Institute of Materials Management), foreign institutes (Institut National d’Étude et de Recherche du Bâtiment “INERBA” in Algeria), and universities. Promoter of dozens of master’s theses and bachelors.

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Author of over 300 original scientific works – research, publications and monographs (books, articles, scripts) about the following topics: the functioning of the construction market and selected segments of the processing industry (for example metallurgy, building materials industry, wood industry), international comparisons, investment policy and construction. Implementation (author) of the programs and grants funded by the Committee for Scientific Research. The author of numerous studies and marketing analysis ordered by Polish and foreign companies, including as a result of winning competitions. Publications of economic articles and comments in various magazines. Author of publications about the Industry rankings.[/toggle]

krzysztofcelinskiKrzysztof Celiński

Branch Office Director for CH2M HILL (Halcrow Group Limited, Branch Office in Poland)

Krzysztof Celiński has graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology as an engineer specialized in Railway Signaling Systems. He has over 20 years of experience in transportation sector, and in cooperation with regulatory bodies in Poland and Europe related to rail sector.

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Since 1992 he is holding top management positions at the biggest Polish national rail operator companies (PKP), the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy and the Warsaw Metro. He is certified by Japanese Agency for International Cooperation and the U.S. Ministry of Transport. Currently he is a Branch Office Director for CH2M HILL (Halcrow Group Limited, Branch Office in Poland), Transportation Business Group Lead in Poland and a member of the supervisory board at ZPBUI.[/toggle]

korzeniewskiArkadiusz Korzeniewski

Partner, advocate, CMS Cameron McKenna Dariusz Greszta Spółka Komandytowa

Arkadiusz Korzeniewski has over 16 years’ experience representing clients in proceedings before Polish civil, criminal and administrative courts as well as domestic and international arbitration tribunals.


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His sector experience includes representing infrastructure, construction, energy, IT, lifesciences, banking and insurance. He has unparalleled sector experience having represented construction companies in cases involving the largest infrastructure projects in Poland, particularly in proceedings against public authorities. The majority of these cases took place under the public procurement law regime; many of them concerned issues related to securing contracts with bank guarantees. He also has a wealth of experience in advising on issues that have arisen under FIDIC contracts.[/toggle]

latawiecTomasz Latawiec

President of the Board of Consulting Engineers and Experts Association (SIDiR)

Tomasz Paweł Latawiec graduated from the Technical University, Civil Engineering Department, in Warsaw. He is President of the Board of Consulting Engineers and Experts Association (SIDiR), Vice-president of Arbitration Court at SIDiR and an Expert and Arbitrator recommended by SIDiR.

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He works as a member of Team for Translation and Preparation of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Editorial Body of SIDIR’s Information Bulletin “Konsultant” and Editorial Team at “Wydawnictwo Inżynieria”. He was appointed as a member of the Dispute Resolution Board and Adjudicating Boards at Arbitration Courts. Tomasz Latawiec is an author of numerous articles on the public procurement law, construction law, FIDIC Conditions of Contract and a columnist in professional magazines as well as an author of TORs for IEOP projects in terms of analysis and realization of public contracts for construction works and services. He is an Advisor and Consultant on public procurement law and FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Employers – Implementing Entities – and Contractors from the infrastructure and waste disposal sector as well as the eco-industry. Tomasz Latawiec obtained professional experience during the realization of contracts based on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract. He is a promoter of using unchanged form of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract according to the original “spirit” of FIDIC.[/toggle]

michalowski_120x180 Marek Michałowski

President of the Polish Association of Construction Industry

Marek Michałowski graduated from the Financial & Statistics Department of the General School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw (presently the Warsaw School of Economics). A Chartered Public Accountant. His professional career began at Budimex in 1978.

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From 1990, Member of the Management Board of Budimex SA and Chief Financial Officer. April – November 1998: President of the Management Board of Dromex SA. November 1998 – September 2009 General Manager and President of the Management Board of Budimex SA. Since October 2009 until August 2010, General Manager of Ferrovial Agroman SA for Central & Eastern Europe. Currently Member of the General Board of Business Centre Club – BCC. President of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers. President of the Polish Golf Union.[/toggle]

zbigniew.rynasiewicz (1)Zbigniew Rynasiewicz

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, the Commissioner to the Management of the Road Infrastructure.

Deputy of the Polish Parliament- VII term of office. Member and co-founder of many associations and nongovernmental organizations.


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A member of the Supervisory Board BGK. Since 28th of November the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the Commissioner of the Management of Road Infrastructure.

From 19th June to 27th November Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy.

He was born on 4th October 1963 in Grodzisko Dolne. After graduating from the Pedagogical University in Rzeszów, major in history, he undertook postgraduate studies at Warsaw University and obtained a diploma in the field of local self-government and local development. Since 1997 he has been a Deputy of the Polish Parliament ( III,V,VI, VII term of office). He was also a Chairman of the Infrastructure Commission and a Member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission.

2002 -2005 he was the District Head of Leżajsk County

1990-1997 he was the Mayor of Grodzisko Dolne[/toggle]

stylinskiJan Styliński

President of the Management Board, Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers

John Styliński is the President of the Polish Association of Construction Employers, an association of companies representing approximately 70% of the potential executive in Poland. He is a lawyer, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw, a partner in the law firm.


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He specializes in the investment process and the construction market, in particular in projects of public-private partnerships and concessions, obtaining financing and tendering. He is the author of numerous publications on the topics of investing, as well as a lecturer at numerous conferences and trainings.[/toggle]

wernerProf. zw. dr hab. arch. Witold A. Werner

After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Warsaw for about 20 years he has been a designer. His projects mainly include industrial plants (including 5 complete furniture factories), but also residential and office buildings. After obtaining his doctorate, he focused on teaching and research, for the Institute “ORGBUD” which was transformed into the Institute of Housing, and for 1O years in the Institute of Urban Development.


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In 1995 he was awarded the academic title of Professor. He promoted five doctors and engineers as well as over 1OO architects. In parallel with the work at universities and institutes for 20 years he has been successfuly running his own business – INVESTMENT ADVICE, specializing in assessment and interpretation of the impact of proposed investment in the surrounding buildings in relation to the provisions and requirements of spatial and technical construction. Prof. Witold Werner leads the Chapter of the Developer Certificates.

He is the author of over 300 publications, including 11 books and hundreds of architectural and construction expertise, opinions and scientific reviews. He is an expert in the field of architecture construction including design, he i salso a Valuer, registered on the ZBP list, with a certificate of a Recognised European Valuer.[/toggle]

zmijanStanisław Żmijan

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure

Graduated on the Faculty of Civil Engineering Technical University of Lublin. Throughout his life associated with the road industry. The work began as a lab technician in the Region Construction of Roads in Lublin. In 1984 he began working as a Deputy Director of Public Roads Region in Włodawa

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Since 1989 associated with Międzyrzec Podlaski, where he was Director of Public Roads Region. As Director of PDM Miedzyrzecz Podlaski responsible for its transformation and modernization. With these changes, the company has become one of the most important employers in Międzyrzec Podlaski and the entire bialski district. Stanislaw Żmijan is also a member of many professional organizations. He served in the government of the Polish Chamber of Road Industry.

Stanislaw Żmijan also engages in social and political activities. He sat in the City Council of Międzyrzec Podlaski and Provincial Assembly of Lublin. In 2001 he was elected to the Parliament from the district of Chelm. In parliament deals with matters of infrastructure and rural development. From 2013, he is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure. He was author special act of road and airport, which proved to be crucial for the issue of EU funds for infrastructure in 2007-2013.[/toggle]