­­The official presentation of “Polish Infrastructure Diamonds” is the culmination of Polish Infrastructure conference. The aim of the competition is to honor individuals and companies engaged in sectors of infrastructure and construction, that have distinguished themselves by achievements, exceptional efficiency and business innovation, and thereby contributed to the development of their industries in Poland. This year the Competition Jury will select the winners in 8 categories.

The competition results will be announced during the evening prize-giving gala, which takes place February 23, 2016 at Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw.

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In order to submit a candidate application please contact Ms. Alicja Wilińska,, mobile: 510 105 477.

Application deadline: February 5th, 2016

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„Polish Infrastructure Diamonds” will be awarded in the following categories.





Top Executive

Award for proficiency in business practice, high earnings, above-average quality of running a business and innovation in shaping the perfect corporate governance

Innovation Leader

The entity that has introduced a product or technological solution having an innovative character, unique at least on a national scale, that makes great example of implementation of advances in technology, production and operations

CSR Leader of the Year

The entity distinguished by exceptional responsibility, attention to social interests and environmental protection.

Efficiency in Management

The business operator in the infrastructure industry, which through effective and stable management is constantly improving its efficiency. A role model in the areas of ​​business strategy, plans and cooperation with investors.

Financing Entity of the Year

The entity distinguished by outstanding cooperation in the field of investment financing and insurance services in the area of infrastructure.

Advisor of the Year

The entity distinguished by the highest standards of consulting and legal services, specializing in collaboration with infrastructure industry.

Investment of the Year

The award for the Contractor and Investor whose effective cooperation led to realization of investment of significant importance for the development of Polish infrastructure.

Project of the Year

Award for the design office for the project realized in the railway or road construction industry, which is unique at least on a national scale.