celinski_120x180pxKrzysztof Celiński

Krzysztof Celiński has graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology as an engineer specialized in Railway Signaling Systems. He has over 20 years of experience in transportation sector, and in cooperation with regulatory bodies in Poland and Europe related to rail sector. Since 1992 he is holding top management positions at the biggest Polish national rail operator companies (PKP) , the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy and the Warsaw Metro.

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He is certified by Japanese Agency for International Cooperation and the U.S. Ministry of Transport. Currently he is a Branch Office Director for Halcrow, a CH2M HILL Company in Poland and a member of the supervisory board at ZPBUI.

chelkowski_120x180Piotr Chełkowski


Born in 1961. Piotr Chełkowski – President of the Board of P.R.I „POL-AQUA” S.A. since February 1st, 2009. On February 10th, 2010 called up to the new term of office. In charge of the General Purpose Construction Division, Business Centre Club, The Polish Association of Listed Companies and Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers.

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He graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology, with the academic degree of MSc. Eng. in Civil Engineering; from the University of Warsaw, with the academic degree of MSc in Marketing and Business Administration and from the University of Illinois, USA with Master of Business Administration.

Piotr Chełkowski holds the following authorizations: construction and building No. UAN 8346/987/90, as well as in the sanitary sector – design and construction powers at water supply and sewage discharge networks No. UAN 8346/306/90. have executive civil-construction powers No. UAN 8346/987/90 and executive and designing sanitary powers in scope of water supply and sewage discharge networks No. UAN 8346/306/90. He is a member of Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Construction Engineers.

Course of career in POL-AQUA: 
since February 2011 – President of the Board of P.R.I „POL-AQUA” S.A., Director for Business Development,
since February 2009 – President of the Board of P.R.I „POL-AQUA” S.A., CEO (Chief Executive Officer),
since September 2008 – Member of the Board of P.R.I „POL-AQUA” S.A., Director of the General Purpose Construction Division,
since June 2007 – Technical Director of the General Contracting Branch of P.R.I. „POL-AQUA” S.A. – managing the General Contracting Branch – acting as a general contractor of the general purpose construction projects – acquiring and realisation of orders.

Course of career in POL-AQUA corporate group: 
since June 2007 Member of the Supervisory Board of Wyroby Betonowe Sp. z o. o.,
since November 2009 – Vice President of the Supervisory Board of Balic Dom 2 Sp. z o. o.
since September 2010 Member of the Supervisory Board of Placidus Investments Sp. z o.o.,
since November 2010 – 09.2011 Member of the Supervisory Board of PA ENERGOBUDOWA Sp. z o.o.
since June 2011 Member of the Supervisory Board of CONEX Sp. z o. o.,

Professional experience: 
January 2003 – May 2007 – Director of the Environmental Engineering Department at Hydrobudowa S.A. Managed the Environmental Engineering Department – acting as a general contractor for water and waste water investment projects – acquired and performed orders,
September 2001 – July 2002 – Regional Director at Sunley Polska S.A. Managed a Branch of Sunley Polska S.A., a general contractor owned by the international Sunley Turriff Group,
December 1997 – August 2001 – North Branch Director at Hydrobudowa – 6 S.A. Managed the Branch of the general contractor, acquired and executed various kinds of investment projects,
February 1996 – June 1997 – Managing Director at Bongs Sp. z o. o. Managed a production company in the printing sector,
December 1995 – November 1996 – Director of the Polish Home Builders Association. Managed the Association, cooperated closely with the National Association of Home Builders in the USA,
October 1994 – November 1995 – Director at Łeba Yacht Port (under construction). Managed the company responsible for designing and constructing a marina and a yacht port in Łeba, project financed under PHARE, Cross-border Program 1994, FIDIC contract,
May 1993 – October 1994 – Mayor of Łeba. Managed the municipality of Łeba, cooperated with towns – members of the Baltic Towns Association, acquired EU funds for investments – including for construction of the Łeba marina,
November 1991 – February 1993 – Consultant at Maunsell Consultancy Services Ltd, scholarship granted by the Confederation of British Industry; worked for one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in Great Britain; designed water mains and waste water systems with the use of state-of-the-art computer methods,
December 1985 – November 1991 – Manager of the Waste Water System Department in Spółka Wodna „ŁEBA”. Supervised the construction of 40,000 ENI (Equivalent Number of Inhabitants) waste water treatment plant and a sewer network with the diameter from ø 200 to ø 1000 mm along with pumping stations in Łeba (earth works, drainage, civil works, installations, road works, electrical systems, process start-up).


jagusiak_120x180Paweł Jagusiak

Member of the Management Board, Development Director of CTL Logistics Ltd

Paweł Jagusiak is a graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering of Warsaw Technical University, possesses an International MBA Diploma, and is 41 years old, married with two children Previously served as Managing Director of Aggregates, Vice President of the Management Board of Lafarge Kruszywa i Beton Ltd Since the beginning of his professional career he has been associated with the building industry, particularly with the branch of producers and suppliers of materials for building and industry.

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During his work he has been particularly involved in the creation of conditions assisting the development of road and rail infrastructure in Poland. His professional experience, gained equally in Poland as abroad enables him to clearly recognise the issues associated with: production and sale of aggregates and also rail and road transport logistics in supply chains.

Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz

An engineer, entrepreneur and politician. He has been an MP of III, IV, V, VI and VII term since 1997, and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Transport, Building and Maritime Economy since 2007. He has a degree in electrical engineering and graduated from the High School of Engineering in Opole – the Faculty of Electrical Engineering – where he specialized in processing electrical energy. He is a great fan of marathons and has participated in a number of tournaments both in Poland and abroad.

jankowski_120x180pxBartłomiej Jankowski

Advocate, a co-founder and partner at WKB

Bartłomiej heads the infrastructure team. He specialises in infrastructure development and related litigation and has built up extensive experience in water, wastewater, road, transportation and energy projects.

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Bartłomiej provides advice on the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects, using his expertise in civil law, building law, environmental law, public sector regulations and European Community Law. On the litigation side, Bartłomiej represents clients before common courts and arbitral tribunals, mainly in relation to construction projects. He headed a team requested by the EU to prepare a comprehensive legal analysis for the implementation in Poland of a novel EU funding scheme to support urban development (JESSICA initiative). He headed a team working for Gaz System Sp. z o. o. to carry out consultations as part of work on the special LNG legislation. In the most recent edition of Chambers Europe 2012, Bartłomiej has been recommended in dispute resolution, it means he might be classified as one of European leaders in this category.

kaczor_120x180dr Tomasz Kaczor

Bank Chief Economist, Director of Analysis and Research Department, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Tomasz Kaczor, Ph. D is a graduate of Economics Faculty of the Warsaw University. Working in BGK since 2007 first as a chief economist, and lately also as the director of Research and Analysis Department.

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Previously employed in the Social Insurance Institution and the Ministry of Finance. Since 1997 connected also with the Gdansk Institute for Market Economics, both as an employee and cooperator. Specializes in conducting and managing preparation of analyses on various macroeconomic and financial subjects.

Piotr Kledzik

President of the Board, Bilfinger Berger Budownictwo

korzeniewski_120x180pxArkadiusz Korzeniewski

Advocate, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna

Arkadiusz Korzeniewski is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution Department of CMS Cameron McKenna. Arkadiusz specializes in litigation and arbitration issues. His practice includes representing clients in proceedings before Polish civil, criminal and administrative courts and domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

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He has unparalleled sector experience having represented construction companies (construction works contractors) in cases involving the largest infrastructure projects in Poland. The majority of cases took place under the public procurement law regime; many of them concerned issues related to securing contracts with bank guarantees. Arkadiusz also has a wealth of experience in advising on issues that have arisen under FIDIC contracts. In addition, he has advised and represented clients in criminal proceedings. Arkadiusz is the author of numerous publications and a frequent speaker at construction sector conferences, where he has spoken on issues concerning construction disputes (including FIDIC contracts) and public procurement-related disputes.

kowalewski_120x180Wojciech Kowalewski

Legal Advisor, General Counsel, Legal & Compliance, Member of the Management Board

Professional experience: Legal advisor, has been working for Siemens Capital Group in Poland for over 10 years. He leads a group of lawyers providing legal support for Siemens’s business transactions in the scope of Infrastructure, Energy, Industry and Healthcare. He delivered legal support in many projects carried out by these sectors, including M&A transactions.


kozlowski_120x180Andrew Kozlowski

Managing Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna

Andrew Kozlowski, a US-qualified attorney admitted in California, is the Managing Partner of CMS Cameron McKenna’s Warsaw office and was primarily responsible for its development and growth since its opening. Andrew Kozlowski is a seasoned transactional lawyer with a wealth of international experience.

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He has led many legal teams advising on major project finance, privatisation, infrastructure and investment transactions. He has significant expertise in working with the energy sector, banks and financial institutions and government agencies. Recently, he has been focusing on infrastructure projects carried out in a PPP formula, including toll motorway projects in Poland.
Prior to joining CMS Cameron McKenna Andrew Kozlowski was a partner in a multi-national firm in Warsaw. Between 1992 and 1993, he was the foreign legal counsel to the Polish Minister of Finance advising on restructuring and privatisation processes of state-owned enterprises.

kuszewski_120x180pxPiotr Kuszewski

Piotr Kuszewski is managing director at the Infrastructure Investments Division of the State Development Bank of Poland (BGK). In the past Mr. Kuszewski was VP and CFO of PZU Życie and member of supervisory boards of PZ Group companies. Mr. Kuszewski is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Warsaw School of Economics. He holds PhD degree in economics.

latawiec_120x180pxTomasz Paweł Latawiec

Expert and Mediator at FIDIC International Association of Engineers and Consultants Estimators

Tomasz Paweł Latawiec graduated from the Technical University, Civil Engineering Department, in Warsaw. He is President of the Board of Consulting Engineers and Experts Association (SIDiR), Vice-president of Arbitration Court at SIDiR and an Expert and Arbitrator recommended by SIDiR.

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He works as a member of Team for Translation and Preparation of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Editorial Body of SIDIR’s Information Bulletin “Konsultant” and Editorial Team at “Wydawnictwo Inżynieria”. He was appointed as a member of the Dispute Resolution Board and Adjudicating Boards at Arbitration Courts. Tomasz Latawiec is an author of numerous articles on the public procurement law, construction law, FIDIC Conditions of Contract and a columnist in professional magazines as well as an author of TORs for IEOP projects in terms of analysis and realization of public contracts for construction works and services. He is an Advisor and Consultant on public procurement law and FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Employers – Implementing Entities – and Contractors from the infrastructure and waste disposal sector as well as the eco-industry. Tomasz Latawiec obtained professional experience during the realization of contracts based on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract. He is a promoter of using unchanged form of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract according to the original “spirit” of FIDIC.


manys_120x180pxKarol Manys

Dziennikarz polityczno-ekonomiczny magazynu „Bloomberg Businessweek Polska”. Wcześniej pracował m.in. w dzienniku „Rzeczpospolita” oraz polskiej edycji tygodnika „Newsweek”.


michalowski_120x180Marek Michałowski

President of the Polish Association of Construction Industry

Marek Michałowski graduated from the Financial & Statistics Department of the General School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw (presently the Warsaw School of Economics). A Chartered Public Accountant. His professional career began at Budimex in 1978.

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He works as a member of Team for Translation and Preparation of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Editorial Body of SIDIR’s Information Bulletin “Konsultant” and Editorial Team at “Wydawnictwo Inżynieria”. He was appointed as a member of the Dispute Resolution Board and Adjudicating Boards at Arbitration Courts. Tomasz Latawiec is an author of numerous articles on the public procurement law, construction law, FIDIC Conditions of Contract and a columnist in professional magazines as well as an author of TORs for IEOP projects in terms of analysis and realization of public contracts for construction works and services. He is an Advisor and Consultant on public procurement law and FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Employers – Implementing Entities – and Contractors from the infrastructure and waste disposal sector as well as the eco-industry. Tomasz Latawiec obtained professional experience during the realization of contracts based on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract. He is a promoter of using unchanged form of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract according to the original “spirit” of FIDIC.

paetzold_120x180Ulrich Paetzold

General Director of the European Construction Industry, FIEC

“Rechtsanwalt” (German barrister/ solicitor, since 1985), Wiesbaden Bar (Germany)  Director General of FIEC (since 1994). Joined FIEC 1989 as Director charged with setting up the Brussels office

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Joined construction industry federations 1986: – Deputy Director of EIC (European International Contractors) – Deputy Director of the international department of the German “Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie”. Member of the “Advisory Committee for the Opening-up of Public Procurement” of the European Commission, DG MARKT (April 2000 – September 2011). Delegate in the European Economic and Social Committee’s “CCMI” (February 2007 – 2015)

rynasiewicz_120x180Zbigniew Rynasiewicz

Urodziłem się 4 października 1963 roku w Grodzisku Dolnym (woj. podkarpackie), mieszkam tam do dziś z żoną Barbarą, córką Mają i synami: Filipem i Hubertem.

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W 1987 roku ukończyłem studia na Wyższej Szkole Pedagogicznej w Rzeszowie, kierunek: historia. Odbyłem także studia podyplomowe na Studium Samorządu Terytorialnego i Rozwoju Lokalnego na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim.

Mój życiorys polityczny
Od 2007 roku jestem Posłem na Sejm RP, Przewodniczącym Komisji Infrastruktury i członkiem Komisji Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi.
W latach 2005-2007 byłem Posłem na Sejm RP V kadencji. Wtedy byłem członkiem Komisji Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi oraz członkiem Komisji Samorządu Terytorialnego i Polityki Regionalnej.
W latach 2002-2005 pełniłem funkcję Starosty Leżajskiego.
W latach 1997-2001 byłem Posłem na Sejm RP III kadencji z listy AWS. Uczestniczyłem w pracach Komisji Finansów Publicznych oraz Komisji Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi. Byłem założycielem i przewodniczącym parlamentarnego Zespołu na rzecz Rozwoju Infrastruktury.
W latach 1990-1997 sprawowałem funkcję Wójta Gminy Grodzisko Dolne. Byłem najmłodszym wójtem w województwie, miałem wtedy 26 lat.
W latach 1988-1990 uczyłem historii w szkole podstawowej w Laszczynach.

Moja działalność społeczna
Jestem członkiem i współzałożycielem wielu stowarzyszeń i organizacji pozarządowych: Stowarzyszenia Procarpathia w Rzeszowie, Stowarzyszenia Ziemia Leżajska, Stowarzyszenia Ziemia Grodziska, Stowarzyszenia Rodziców Dzieci Niepełnosprawnych w Grodzisku Dolnym, Leżajskiego Stowarzyszenia Rozwoju, Euroregionalnego Stowarzyszenia Inicjatyw Społeczno-Gospodarczych. Jestem członkiem Rady Społecznej Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, Prezesem Zarządu Środowiskowego Akademickiego Związku Sportowego w Rzeszowie oraz Prezesem Zarządu Gminnego OSP w Grodzisku Dolnym.

Wyróżnienia i odznaczenia
Za swoją pracę wielokrotnie byłem wyróżniany, m.in. przez Ministra Kultury, Ministra Edukacji i Sportu, Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji.
Jestem laureatem złotej odznaki Ministra Kultury za ochronę zabytków.
Byłem zwycięzcą plebiscytu Człowiek Roku 2000 w kategorii: Polityk roku (organizowanego przez Radio i Telewizję Rzeszów, Dziennik Super Nowości).
Byłem laureatem trzeciego miejsca w plebiscycie o Laur “Nowin” 2000 w kategorii: Polityk roku.
Od 2006 roku jestem Honorowym Obywatelem Miasta Leżajska.

Hobby i zainteresowania
Lubię sport, dobrą literaturę, świetne kino i… gospodarkę. Wolny czas przeznaczam na aktywny wypoczynek, jazdę rowerem, sport, książkę lub film.

Cechy osobowości
Jestem dynamiczny w swojej aktywności, zdecydowany i potrafię podejmować trudne decyzje.

sadowy_120x180Jacek Sadowy

Prezes Urzędu Zamówień Publicznych

Born in Biłgoraj (Lubelskie region), aged 35. Lawyer and political analyst by profession. Since 2008 President of the Public Procurement Office.

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Expert in the field of public procurement, author of numerous publications. He has been involved in public procurement issues for 12 years now: he occupied, inter alia, the post of acting director of Legal Department of PPO, manager at “Cooperation Fund” Foundation – Central Finance and Contracting Unit awarding contracts on behalf of central governmental authorities within Transition Facility programme. Civil servant.
Lecturer, inter alia, at Copernicus University in Toruń and Warsaw School of Economics.
Married, three children.

stanczak_120x180Lucyna Stanczak

Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Poland

Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Poland, working 12 years for the Bank, previously as a Senior Banker responsible for energy and infrastructure sectors.

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Before joining EBRD Ms. Stanczak worked for ABN AMRO Bank in Poland (VP, Structured Finance) and Credit Lyonnaise (Corporate Finance). Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and post graduate studies at the College of Europe, Brugges

tamborski_120x180Paweł Tamborski

Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Treasury

Born 17 January 1966 in Piła. An economist by profession. A graduate of the Academy of Economics in Poznań and holder of a stock broker license. In 1991-1993, broker at Brokerage House of Bank Staropolski S.A.

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In 1993 and 1994, he worked at the Central Brokerage Office of WBK S.A. acting as the Head of Stock Exchange Transactions, as well as the Deputy Director. In 1994-1999, he was employed at CA IB Securities S.A. as the Director, Head of New Issues Department, and in 1999-2007, he was Member of the Board, Director General, responsible for investment banking at UniCredit CAIB Poland S.A. (formerly CAIB Financial Advisers). In 2008-2010, he worked as the Managing Director at UniCredit CAIB Securities UK Ltd in London, where he co-headed capital markets team and was responsible for bank operations in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. From November 2010 to January 2012, he served as the Head of Investment Banking at Wood & Company.

Since 23 January 2012, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Treasury.

He is fluent in English.

His interests include sailing, skiing, film and literature.

Proud father of three daughters.

tomasik_120x180pxGrzegorz Tomasik

Member of the Board PSE Operator

In years 1996 – 1997, he worked as a Investment Inspector at PSE S.A. at Industrial Network Exploitation Branch in Katowice, and then at PSE – REGPLAN Sp. z o.o. company as a Power System Development Specialist. In February 2002 he joined the EPC S.A. company, where he worked as a Chief Specialist in the function of Project Director, and then as an Energy Markets Director.

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Since July 2004, until July 2005 he acted as a Deputy President of the Management Board of the EPC S.A. company, and then, until December 2008, as an Energy Market Director. Then, he continued his work at the Centrum Zastosowań Zaawansowanych Technologii Sp. z o.o. (Centre for Advanced Technology Applications) in the function of Task Director. In September 2009, he was appointed to act as the President of the Management Board of CATA, where he managed the company and run strategic projects related to the power market development and security of power system operations, in favour of PSE S.A. Since January 2011 he is a Member of the Management Board of PSE S.A. He is the graduate of Electric Department of the Śląsk University of Technology, Specialty: power networks.

urbanska_120x180pxElżbieta Urbańska

Director of the Financial Insurance Department, PZU SA

Graduate of the Faculty of Romance Philology at the University of Silesia. Also completed a post-graduate course of study in banking and finance at the Warsaw School of Economics and a strategic management program in INSEAD. In 1995 joined the BRE Bank SA Group working first in the Katowice Branch as an account manager, then as department director responsible for conducting a project to establish the SME business line in the bank.

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As of 2000 managed the corporate sales network. Since 2003 CEO of Polfactor SA (factoring company in the BRE Bank Group), for which she achieved the task of attaining high levels of operational efficiency. In 2009 she organized a factoring company for the PKO Bank Polski Group and after PKO BP Faktoring generated a positive operating result she decided in 2012 to undertake some new challenges in PZU SA in financial insurance. Long-term Chair of the Polish Factors Association and one of the founders of the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry.

wisniewski_120x180pxKrzysztof Wiśniewski

Infrastructure Director Arup Poland

Education: MSc in Structural Engineering (Bridges) at Warsaw University of Technology
Professional Experience: Krzysztof has 34 years of professional experience including 20 years of international exposure. His assignments included project management, material engineering, construction supervision, design management and quantity survey for EC, Public Authorities and Private Institutions. He has build up effective communications skills with customers and co workers.

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Prior to joining ARUP he has worked for Contractors and Consultants in Poland, Libya and Germany.
He has gained comprehensive experience in management of projects and contracts, as well as preparing tender documents drafting contract and cost estimates. He is fully conversant in FIDC Conditions of Contract as well as EC procurement and management procedures. His practice covers:
14 years in Roads and Bridges construction as a contractor; Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG, Wirtgen GmbH as well as JV Deutsche Asphalt Dromex JSC, in Libya, Germany and Poland
12 years in consulting and supervision gained working for Biuro fur Plannung und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH in Libya and Ove Arup & Partners Intl Ltd in Romania and Poland
6 years in research and lab testing gained while working for Road and Bridge Research Institute in Poland and Central Road Laboratory in Libya.
In depth knowledge of managing the works contracts under FIDIC Conditions as a Contractor’s site agent, Engineer’s Supervision team member and Employer’s advisor
Experience in preparing Tender Documents for works contracts under FIDIC Conditions and various IFIs tender procedures.
Experience in preparing and assessment of claims as well as drafting conclusions for trials at ICC Arbitration Court.
Good understanding of management procedures in project and programme management and evaluation acc to EC PRAG.
Experience in technical assistance related to consulting and managing projects and programmes financed under EU pre-accession and structural funds
Experience in preparing and delivering training seminars and workshops related to program and project management, contract administration under FIDIC Conditions as well as tender documents drafting under various tender procedures.

Polish member of FIDIC
Member of SIDIR [Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts];
SIDIR Certified Lecturer on FIDIC Conditions of Contract

witecki_120x180Lech Witecki

General Director for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA)

Graduate of the Faculty of Economy, Radom University of Technology, major – finances; President of Foundation „Cooperation Fund” in charge of foreign funds handling, 2007-2008; worked in Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK), 1998-2007, last time as economic advisor responsible for supervision and coordination of control over implementation, management and absorption of EU funds by Poland.

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At the same time, academic lecturer on acquisition, absorption and control of Structural Funds, and economy and finances at various faculties and levels, e.g. Warsaw School of Economics.

Author and co-author of articles on control of EU funds and finances, and handbook for students of economic faculties, which contains the basics of finances management in enterprises; Expert of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/SIGMA) as NIK representative for international aid projects.

Till March 2007, member of Working Group for Structural Funds, Contact Committee of Top Executives of Control Bodies in the European Union. On 12 May 2008, Prime Minister Donald Tusk appointed Lech Witecki Acting General Director for National Roads and Motorways.