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Since 2003, Warsaw based Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja (Fantazja) has been “lighting up the lives” of children in Poland who suffer from terminal and life-threatening illnesses and other medical and social disadvantages by making their fondest wishes and dreams come true.

Over half of the children’s wishes are, to most people, basic material items such as; beds, furniture, computers, tablets, televisions, toys, cameras – in addition to requests for rehabilitation equipment. These wishes are crucial to help improve their quality of life … and much more.

Fantazja’s activities directly benefits the children and their families – especially the mothers, as in over 65% of the cases the father has abandoned the child and the mother, leaving them to fend for themselves. As the mothers are generally 24/7 caregivers to their child they are living in extremely difficult conditions and stressful situations – not helped by a social attitude of discrimination towards those less fortunate and the disabled.

Fantazja works with over 500 different children and their families each year. Children who suffer from the following illnesses: malignant cancers and tumors, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and atrophy, heart failure, a wide range of genetic incurable illnesses, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and autism.

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The work of Fantazja helps a child feel stronger and more willing to battle their medical condition. Knowing that someone out there truly cares about them means even more! And mothers tell us that this is often a turning point in their child’s fight against their illness and that they also gained renewed strength to keep fighting each day for their child.  The ripple effect of Fantazja’s work reaches millions across Poland who watch these positive stories unfold when told throughout the media.

To date, Fantazja’s small dedicated team has proudly accomplished over 5,000 wishes for its children. At any one time Fantazja has over 1,000 children waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled.

Fantazja’s administration costs represents 9% of income with 91% of its income going to Fantazja’s statutory activity.

Fantazja cooperates and partners with many companies, organizations & individuals. Each supports the work of Fantazja in a variety of ways, including; Contributions & Donations; Organizing Social & Sports Events for Employee Participation & Fundraising; Sponsoring Fantazja Events – Children’s Day at the ZOO & Children’s Grand Christmas Party; Payroll Deductions; Matching Programs; Product & Toys Donations; Company Product & Services Fundraising Sales Drives. The scope to help is endless….

Fantazja can also be supported by:

  • Donating 1% Income Tax allowance to Fantazja: KRS 0000168783
  • Donating directly to Fantazja’s account at: Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości BPS SA,

PL14 1930 1523 2310 0345 8400 0001 : SWIFT/BIC: POLUPLP

  • “Adopting” a wish of one of Fantazja’s sick children


Fundacja Leny Grochowskiej

Tens of thousands of our compatriots wish to return to our homeland. However, it is not easy to leave the present life behind and start everything from the beginning, without a home or a job. This is the reason why in 2014 the Lena Grochowska Foundation was established with the aim to support people who are taking their first steps towards returning to Poland – the country that is their true home.
The main aim of the activity of the Lena Grochowska Foundation is to bring back Polish repatriate families to Poland and ensure that they have jobs and places to live. In the years 1934-1936 and 1940-1941, thousands of Polish families from eastern regions were transported against their will deep into Russia, mainly the areas of Kazakhstan. It is our obligation, as Poland, to bring back all those who are willing to return to the homeland. As a foundation, we have limited resources, but we do what we can to achieve this goal. So far, we have been able to provide flats for 11 families. The Polish families from Kazakhstan, Donbas and Mariupol in Ukraine now live in Siedlce, Łochów, Zgierz and Piaseczno. Flats for about a dozen other families are being prepared in Góra Kalwaria. The Arche Group is the main sponsor as it allocates about 1% of its income for the goals of the Foundation. However, there are many other companies as well as single individuals that help the Foundation, such as PB Konstanty Strus which donated three flats to the Foundation’s cause.
In 2017, the Lena Grochowska Foundation together with the Curia of Siedlce built a school in Bousso, Chad, which is one of the poorest regions in the world. The Foundation is also the organizer of the Non-professional Art Competition called “Szukamy Nikifora” (“In the search for Nikifor”), which is highly successful. This year only, 227 works of art were submitted. Among the authors, one might notice the participants of workshop therapies, mentally handicapped people who express their thoughts and emotions through art. Plain air painting events and vernissages are also organized for these people.

The Lena Grochowska Foundation is an expression of the Arche Group’s sensitivity and commitment to social causes. It is a tool used to positively influence the environment.

Polish Humanitarian Action is humanitarian non-profit organization based in Warsaw/Poland. For almost a 25 years we have been delivering humanitarian aid to people suffering due to armed conflicts and natural disasters. Currently we are working in Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Ukraine and Nepal.


For nearly 25 years, the SIEMACHA Association has built youth communities that make use of a network of educational, sports, and therapeutic centres. SIEMACHA is Poland’s largest civic organisation, strongly distinguished by its ideological identity and a clear institutional structure. Every day, the Association provides care for more than 2000 young people who – under the watchful eye of teachers and tutors – build lasting peer relations, gain new skills, and learn to be responsible.

The organisation operates from 30 locations, running day centres (SIEMACHA Spot), 24 hour centres operating day and night (SIEMACHA Spot 24/7), holiday centres (SIEMACHA Spot Camp), Com-Com Zone development centres, Progres Academy of Sport, and branches of the Kraków Psychotherapeutic Institute (KIP).


SOS Children’s Villages Poland has 1456 children in its care and has been operating in Poland for over 30 years. In this time, we opened four Children’s Villages, i.e. a housing estate for SOS families. There are 5-8 children brought up in each family. Very often these are numerous, biological siblings. In the Children’s Village they are provided with love and safety that they did not experience in their biological families. Children in SOS Children’s Villages are abandoned and orphaned.

During those 30 years, over 300 children-in-care have left SOS Children’s Villages and are now independent and happy people. Their stories differ but all jointly agree that SOS Villages performed a key role in their lives. Our Association is running also Family Strengthening Programmes where SOS educators do everything possible for children not to be referred to alternative care. In such Programmes we have 10 day care centres for children from poor families and families threatened with breaking up, as well as counselling centres for parents.

To learn more on how to help, please visit our website: www.wioskisos.org


Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (SPRING Association) was established in 2001 in Cracow, as a public benefit organisation, to enable the Poles to help each other effectively and wisely. By creating and improving aid mechanisms and thanks to the commitment of thousands of volunteers, it gives the Poles the opportunity to share what they have with the most deprived persons, in such a way that those in need do not get addicted to the help, but it gives them an impulse to change their lives. The association offers the companies a range of mechanisms such as: partnership in the projects, cause related marketing, corporate volunteering and social investor, to build their image as socially responsible. WIOSNA is the organizer of SZLACHETNA PACZKA (the NOBLE BOX Project) and Akademia Przyszłości (the Academy of the Future) projects. Learn more about involvement opportunities on: www.szlachetnapaczka.pl


For 70 years now, UNICEF has been continuously fighting for the right of every child to be just a child. For every child, not to be soldiers, family supporters or victims of the wars of adults.  For every child, not to work, but to go to school and play with friends.

Thanks to the support of Donors UNICEF finances vaccinations against measles, tetanus and polio, treats those suffering from malnutrition. When a humanitarian crisis arises, as a one of the first on the spot UNICEF brings help. Uses knowledge and experience to fight for the observance of every child’s right to health, education, equality and protection.