Executive Club is an organization gathering together the representatives of top management from the most important Polish and international companies. Since 2005, the Club has assembled well-established business leaders, whose activities set the direction of development of the Polish economy. The club organizes quaterly meetings and conferences for its members, to enable them to exchange ideas and make new business contacts.

Executive Club inspires and helps to identify the needs of management leaders and serves the development of Polish business. The club is the first and the largest organization of such a profile in Poland, renowned and built on the basis of cooperation with key market players in the country and abroad.

Executive Club as an organization of representatives of top management for their particular mission chose to promote the highest standards of leadership in the business environment. Mission of this club is performed as a platform for exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas through a unique collaboration of the world of business leaders with distinguished representatives of science and politics.



Fundation Amicus Europae

The Europae Amicus Foundation develops projects and initiatives to carry out its mission. All initiatives are long-term and are often created in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners. Practical application of the conclusions and recommendations of the Foundation projects is of particularly high importance. The main activity of the Foundation is the organization of international debates and conferences, as well as analytical and expert work. International meetings are held with the participation of leaders of opinion-forming and decision-making communities around the world. Debates promote the form of dialogue and the concept of public life functioning which are associated with the presidency of Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

The principal mission of the Amicus Europae Foundation is to promote European integration, and to support dialogue and reconciliation processes in order to resolve political and regional conflicts in Europe.

The key objectives of the foundation are:

• Supporting efforts to build a civil society, the state under the rule of law and strengthening of democratic values;

• Promoting political and constitutional achievements of the Polish Republic;

• Promoting the idea of common Europe and the dissemination of knowledge about the European Union;

• Development of the New Neighborhood Policy of the European Union, with particular emphasis on Ukraine and Belarus;

• Support for countries aspiring to membership in the European and Euro-Atlantic organizations;

• Promoting cooperation with the United States, especially in the field of international security and development of the world economy;

• Integration of national minorities and religious communities;

• Raising awareness of multinational and cultural diversity and history of our country and the region;

• Popularizing the idea of Olympic games and sport.