„Diamonds Private Equity” handed out the first time … Winners selected in eight categories …

On 29th May 2012 ‘Private Equity Diamonds’ were awarded during the gala in the Hilton Hotel, in Warsaw. Awards went to persons and companies related to the industry, that contributed to an increase of  the value of Polish enterprises.

The Enterprise Investors won a title of the Best Fund of  2011. The jury awarded the Penta Inestments (Żabka) for the Best Exit of the Year. Emitel tuned out to be the most successful. It reached diamonds in two categories: Transaction of  the Year and  the Best Portfolio Company. A diamond for the Personality of the Year went to Dariusz Prończuk from Enterprise Inestors. BRE Bank was recognized as the best Bank of the Year.  An award for the Best Corporate Advisor went to FIDE, while the best Legal Advisor to CMS Cameron McKenna.

The Jury consisted of prominent theorists and practitioners in the area of economics. President Aleksander Kwasniewski was an honorary president.

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