business conferences organized by the Executive Club

About business conferences organized by the Executive Club

Polish Infrastructure and Construction

The conference is held in the first quarter of the year and each time attracts the most important representatives of the sector. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss topics related to the financing and development of infrastructure investments, new technologies for infrastructure development and the dynamics of rail transport development.

Konferencja biznesowa o Zrównoważonym Rozwoju

Sustainable Economy Summit

This is a two-day conference that takes place in May and is aimed at companies implementing and pursuing sustainable development goals, representing many sectors of the economy. It is a unique Executive Club project aimed at promoting the idea of sustainable development and responsible business.

Konferencja przemysłowa ESG

Green Industry Summit

"Green Industry Summit" is a continuation of the "Top Industry Summit" heavy industry conference. It is held in autumn and focuses on the challenges faced by the industrial sector and logistics of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Konferencja związana z innowacyjnością w biznesie

Executive Innovation Forum

Executive Innovation Forum is a unique conference dedicated to the secrets of innovation and methods of utilising them in organisations. It is held around November and the main topics are business innovation and digital transformation. Speakers also discuss artificial intelligence and other new technologies that are changing the world.

About business conferences organized by the Executive Club

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