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Executive Club is a business organization bringing together executives from various industries, representing companies with an established position in the market. Executive Club members participate in conferences and club meetings that address current economic issues.


Executive Club conferences

Konferencja biznesowa dla Budownicta

Polish Infrastructure and Construction

The conference is attended by representatives of government institutions, management of general contractors, subcontractors, railroad operators, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials. Topics focus on issues related to road and railroad infrastructure, as well as public procurement, sources of financing and ecology in the construction sector. The conference is accompanied by an evening "Diamonds of Infrastructure and Construction" gala.

Sustainable Economy Summit

A two-day conference aimed at decision-makers representing multiple sectors of the economy, addressing the topics of sustainability and ESG reporting. The event discusses issues related to climate neutrality, circular economy, green investment financing, diversity and corporate social responsibility, among others. The conference is accompanied by an evening gala "Diamonds of Sustainable Economy".

Konferencja przemysłowa ESG

Green Industry Summit

A conference attended by representatives of the industrial, manufacturing and logistics sectors. The theme of the event is the green transformation of manufacturing and industry towards low-carbon and climate neutrality. Issues related to the circular economy and optimization of logistics processes are also addressed. The conference is accompanied by an evening "Green Industry Diamonds" gala.

Konferencja związana z innowacyjnością w biznesie

Executive Innovation Forum

A multi-industry conference dedicated to the topics of innovation, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Panel discussions include debates on conducting research and development, implementing innovation and digitization. Opportunities and risks associated with employing artificial intelligence in business processes are also discussed. The conference is accompanied by an evening "Diamonds of Innovation" gala.

Club meetings

Club meetings are oriented towards networking and sharing experiences. They are less formal in nature and aim to integrate club representatives.

Magazine and portal

Przykładowe Executive Magazine

As part of membership, the company gains the opportunity for a broader image and marketing promotion on the pages of the “Executive Magazine”, as well as on the executivemagazine.pl portal. The authors of the published content are the representatives of business, scientific community, as well as non-governmental organizations. “Executive Magazine” is published in print, as well as in electronic version.

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