Membership in Executive Club is about, above all, the opportunity to participate in prestigious events every year – industry and general economic topics conferences, club debates and evenings, as well as networking meetings. All events are dedicated to the top management, representing the most important companies in Poland.

As a part of the membership in Executive Club, we also offer participation in the Mutual Services Program – a project that aims to promote the activities of companies associated in the Club and encourage member companies to establish or strengthen cooperation. In our catalog, Club Members have the opportunity to place offers for their products and services that other Members can use on attractive terms.

Particularly noteworthy is our Executive Magazine – a club quarterly which enjoys great recognition in the business community. Publications prepared by experts included in it, provide a lot of actual information about current trends, technologies and broadly understood investments. Thanks to a variety of topics and accessible form, each reader finds inspiration both for himself and his business. Membership allows publicating in selected editions.

For more information on Executive Club membership, please contact the Club Host at the following e-mail adress: aleksandra.walaszek@executiveclub.pl

Elitism and careful selection of the members of the club

While creating the Club we base on the recommendations and only people who stand alone as business leaders are invited to the club.

The exchange of knowledge and experience


Managing leaders can identify their common challenges, take new actions and exchange their experiences in highly selected circle.

Current economic problem and highly substantive level of meetings

For years, we have been ensuring that substantive level of Executive Club initiatives have met expectations of the most demanding participants. We also make every effort to take up the most current topics from various areas of business. The Enterprise, Management and Innovation Council, headed by prof. Michał Kleiber supervises the substantive level of meetings.

Closed meetings and prestigious conferences

Our members have the opportunity to participate in a series of events organized with great care. Industry conferences, club debates and informal meetings among selected group of people are only a part of our activity.

Cooperation between politics and science


Factor that distinguishes our events is constant, long term cooperation with authorities from the world of science and business. We invite an elite group of experts to participate in Club’s events, and these speakers are always distinguished specialist in their fields.

Unique idea and good position on the market

This club was created by the businessmen and for businessmen. The Club is the first and the biggest organization like this in Poland, and is recognizable as well as prestigious.