for executive club members

The idea of the program dates back to 2018. Seeing how dynamically the Club is developing, we wanted to create for our Members an additional opportunity to strengthen business ties. The diversity of the industry, products and services, which often complement each other, meant that we decided to offer Club Members the opportunity to present their offers in a special catalog. This is how the Mutual Services Program was born – a project that aims to deepen relations between member companies by offering mutual services and products at attractive discounts. An additional value of participation in MSP is the opportunity to promote the company and strengthen the position of its brand among Executive Club Members. Over a year since the start of the MSP, over 30 companies have already joined the Program, and this group is constantly growing.

Participation in the Mutual Services Program is free and intended only for companies associated in Executive Club.

You will receive more information about the Program at the following e-mail address: