Save the Date – Executive Club’s Events in 2021

We have prepared a schedule, as well as a brief description of the debates and conferences planned for 2021. We believe that we will be able to meet you and participate together in many interesting discussion panels and numerous networking conversations.

Executive Club Conferences

Executive Innovation Forum

9th edition: June 17, 2021, Sheraton Grand Warsaw

A forum of business leaders, the purpose of which is to discuss strategies, new technologies and trends shaping the economy. Considering that innovation is a major factor in the success of businesses, the event focuses the attention of many sectors of the economy. The Forum is accompanied by the evening „Innovation Diamonds” gala.



Polish infrastructure & Construction

12th edition: June 22, 2021, Sheraton Grand Warsaw

The event is aimed at general contractors, developers and the railway sector. The event gathers the representatives of Managment Boards and Public Institutions related to the infrastructure and construction sector. The culmination of the conference is a ceremonial gala of awarding the „Infrastructure & Construction Diamonds”.


Top Industry Summit

10th edition: October 7, 2021, The Westin Warsaw

Conference dedicated to the industrial sector. The main topics of panel discussions are: automation, robotization and implementation of new solutions and technologies in production and logistics. Due to the cooperation between industry and many business branches, the event is very popular among recipients of industrial solutions. The end of the conference is crowned by the “Top Industry Diamonds” gala.


Sustainable Economy Summit

7th edition: October 27, 2021, Sheraton Grand Warsaw

A unique project of Executive Club, aimed at promoting and emphasizing the great importance of the idea of sustainable development and responsible business. It is an exceptional event on a national scale, bringing together leaders from many economy sectors focused on pro-ecological and pro-social solutions. The evening part of this event is accompanied by “Sustainable Economy Awards” gala.

Club Debates  

Noble health

3rd edition ONLINE: April 21, 2021

The event will be devoted to the issues bothering all managers and entrepreneurs in the era of a pandemic – how to take care of your and your employees’ health. We will also talk about how to improve the health care system in Poland and about technological innovations that are its strong support. Outstanding experts from the medical and pharmaceutical industries will be invited to the debate.

Electromobility in Smart City

May 19, 2021, Bristol Hotel, Warsaw


Sustainable development of cities in the era of constant technological progress has become a priority for further economic development of the country. Interest in an innovative and technologically developed city creates an opportunity for
a substantive debate. Invited Speakers will raise the most current issues related to the Smart Cities development plan and the electromobility.

Digital Company

3rd edition: September 2021

The event is addressed to a wide range of managers from many sectors of the economy. The main subject is digital transformation of business and digital competences of employees. The panel discussions end with dinner combined with a networking evening.


Commercial development

November 2021

The aim of the debate of the invited experts is to develop innovative solutions for the commercia real estate sector and to indicate prospective directions of development in the context of market changes, new technologies and global trends.

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