The summary: 4th edition of the ‘Noble Health’ debate

The fourth edition of the ‘Noble Health’ organised by the Executive Club took place on April 21st. Medical experts met to discuss important issues relating to prevention and outpatient care. The event was live streamed via YouTube.

The first part of the webinar was an interview with Dorota Hryniewiecka-Firlej, MD, PhD,  Chairman of the Board of Pfizer Polska, which was conducted by Prof. Rafał Ante, Director of the MBA Program Office of the Warsaw School of Economics. The main topic of the conversation was the role of vaccination in prevention. The president of the pharmaceutical company pointed out the apparent difference between the culture before the pandemic and the current situation, highlighting the difficulties and challenges of producing the COVID-19 vaccine. The whole process of its creation was discussed, as well as its development plans. Representative of the Management Board of Pfizer Poland indicated the importance of prevention, which is facing treatment. Dorota Hryniewiecka-Firlej listed life and health as the highest values and called for decisive action in their protection comparing the pandemic to modern war.

The panel of discussion was preceded by a speech by Paweł Żuk, MD, President of the Board of The Medical and Diagnostic Center, which concerned outpatient care being the basis of the health care system. The specialist analysed the number of medical services in Poland with their funding and warned of upcoming demographic changes in the coming years. The President of the Board compared outpatient care with hospital stays, identifying key elements for improvement, and discussing the differentiators and goals of coordinated care.

After the presentation, a discussion began, moderated by Mariusz Gujski, MD, PhD, MPH, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University of Warsaw. Among the discussers were: Prof. Jarosław J. Fedorowski, President of the Board of the Polish Hospital Federation, Prof. Rafał Gierczyński, Vice Director of Epidemiological and Environmental Safety of the National Institute of Public Health, Wadim Kurpias, Country Manager Poland InterHealth Canada, Wojciech Kwaśniak, Business Development Director Skotan S.A. and Paweł Żuk, MD, President of the Board of the Medical and Diagnostic Center. During the discussion panel, invited speakers focused on the health prevention programme and the indications for employers regarding their health and employees’ concerns. Healthcare has been discussed in three perspectives – pre-pandemic, current actions and problems, and the future of the system. Experts agreed on the importance of preventive studies and pointed to the need to increase interest in prevention and patient involvement. As public health perceptions change, the system should be complemented by the necessary coordination and investment in a preventive programme. Experts also discussed the essence of habits that shape a healthy lifestyle, calling for a properly balanced diet, physical activity and the correct proportion of work and rest.

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