Report from the debate “Digital Company: Trends and technologies that change business”

On September 28, a club debate was held at the Regent Hotel, organized by the Executive Club. Digital Company: Trends and Technologies That Are Changing Business. Experts from the world of cybersecurity and digital technologies met to discuss important issues related to online security and the impact of technology on the company’s life. You can find the broadcast of the meeting on our YouTube channel.

The first presentation was the speech of the inaugural guest, Krzysztof Szubert, President of the Management Board of NCBR Investment Fund ASI S.A., Poland’s Plenipotentiary for the UN IGF 2021 Digital Summit: “Poland is the center of discussion about the future of the digital world – UN IGF 2021 Digital Summit. In his speech, the President talked about the planned UN Digital Summit – IGF 2021. He explained what topics would be covered and talked about the program of this year’s edition. He emphasized the role of young people who are the future of the digital world. He encouraged all people, and the young generation in particular, to get involved in such projects.

Then, Dariusz Kwieciński, President of the Management Board of Fujitsu, took the floor, who answered the question: What determines the success of digital transformation? In his speech, the President emphasized that digitization has a huge impact on business. The key to success is transforming businesses into a digital data-driven business. In 2020, this goal was at the top of the top priorities in many companies. The most important thing in starting an investment is to define the goal and focus on its implementation. Building the base and then gradually transforming the application. Transformation itself is diverse, there is no one specific formula for carrying it out.

The last speech was a presentation by Jarosław Tkaczyk, General Manager and CFO Mindento entitled “Digitization of processes that nobody likes”, in which Mr. Tkaczyk talked about his previous experience, the effects of the covida pandemic on the company and employees, and briefly mentioned the idea of digital transformation. He explained what impact the modernization of the company has on the work and mood of employees and what are the benefits of automating various processes. According to him, digitization has an impact on increasing employee satisfaction, such people then feel satisfied with their work.

After the presentation, a discussion panel began, attended by: Jakub Borkowski, Michał Góźdź, Michał Grzegorzewski and Tomasz Uflewski, the whole conversation was moderated by Grzegorz Mazurek. The gentlemen talked about trends in technological automation and ways to reduce costs and processes in running a business. They also delved into the benefits of cloud computing and discussed the risks associated with saving data in the internet.

The patrons of this year’s edition were:

Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications
Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasting
Polish IT Society

Honorary patronage:

National Centre for Research and Development



Partner Technologiczny:


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