The 10th edition of Top Industry Summit

On October 27, 2021 at the Sheraton Grand Warsaw, the jubilee 10th edition of the “Top Industry Summit” took place. During three discussion panels and three presentations, experts discussed issues related to the fourth industrial revolution, logistics and the energy sector. The culmination of the event was the evening gala with the „Top Industry Diamonds” awards for the most outstanding from the industry, transport and logistics sectors.

During the first appearance, Mr. Artur Kulczyński, the leader of the Rossmann Warehouse Systems team and Mr. Marcin Malicki Logistics Consultant from Metroplan Polska, were invited on the stage. They discussed the Case Study called Digital Twin – Rossmann. This project is helping to optimize the automated storage facilities in the distribution center of the Rossmann chain of stores. It is one of the largest projects of this type in Europe. During their speech, the gentlemen presented the scale of advancement of the project to the audience and presented how many benefits this installation offers.

After the speeches, the first discussion panel entitled “Smart factories in the era of industry 4.0” began. The moderator was Mr. Maciej Iwaniek – Associate Partner at EY. He spoke with Mr. Ireneusz Borowski – Country Manager at Dessault Systemes, Mr. Ryszard Horodyński – Director of Strategy and Communication at Huawei Polska, Mr. Andrzej Korpak – President of the Management Board of Opel and PSA Manufacturing Poland, Stellantis Group, Mr. Jędrzej Kowalczyk – President of the Management Board of Fanuc Polska, Mr. Paweł Stefański – Regional Vice President Central Eastern Europe at Balluff and with Mr. Wojciech Znojek – Vice President of the Management Board, CEO of SABUR. It was mentioned that the industry has recently become enchanted with new technologies related to industry 4.0. Only years later there is time to think about which solutions have worked and which have not been fully successful. The speakers also pointed out that not all solutions are able to be implemented due to the high costs, however, their implementation is a matter of time, because they are necessary for the further development of the company. Experts agreed that the people who should be educated on this subject should not be forgotten so that they could implement modern solutions without fear for positions.

After a short break, it was time for the Mr. Romuald Jaworski’s presentation. He is the manager of Rohlig Suus Logistics. In his presentation, he emphasized the very negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the functioning of the supply chain. At the same time, he noted that despite the current problems, customers are not ready to lower the standards. This situation shows that supply chains need to be optimized at the present time and adapted to the changes taking place. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Romuald Jaworski noticed that every crisis can be an opportunity. Adaptable firms can use the present situation to their advantage.

After this presentation, it was time for panel discussions moderated by professor Wojciech Paprocki from the Warsaw School of Economics. The main topics of this panel were “Transport and Logistics 4.0”. The discussion was attended by: Michał Brzozowski – Metroplan Polska, Michał Chodecki – Panattoni Development, Zsolt Fekete – Algotech Polska, Romuald Jaworski – Rohling Suus Logistics, Artur Martyniuk – Polregio, Beata Stelmach – ABC Czepczyński. The speakers agreed that in the logistics sector, the automation process is unavoidable and we should not fight it. It was noted that the use of bolder and more modern technologies is also becoming the norm in warehouse buildings – for example in Amazon facilities. By current standards, the building cannot be separated from the technology. Everything has to work together and be optimized. The speakers also discussed the need for flexibility of companies during the pandemic, which was a great test for entrepreneurs. Companies that are unable to adapt to the new strategy will suffer much more than companies that can be flexible.

After the break, Mr. Tomasz Jajeśnica, Manager of the ICE-ON Cold Accumulator Production Plant from MAR-BUD, gave an Ice-On product presentation. It is an extremely innovative device that allows you to collect electricity and store it in the form of ice. Mr. Tomasz Jajeśnica in his speech also presented in great detail a number of benefits resulting from the use of the Cold Accumulator.

After the presentation, the last discussion panel called “Energy for the industry” began. The moderator was Dr. Eng. Paweł Urbański – Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology. The discussion was attended by: Mr. Dariusz Bliźniak, Respect Energy, Mr. prof. Jacek Kijeński, Warsaw University of Technology, Mr. Mariusz Samordak, Bank Ochrony Środowiska SA, Mr. Michał Skorupa, FOTON Technik and Mr. Grzegorz Słomkowski, Polish Investment and Trade Agency SA. The speakers pointed out that many changes have taken place and at this point each sector should be flexible against climate change. At this point, no company should underestimate this issue and should think about investing in its own energy sources. We are going to change the whole system and we should be more prepared for it.

After the conference, the „Top Industry Diamonds” Gala took place. Outstanding companies and industry personalities were awarded for the most important achievements, projects and investments. The winners of the competition include:

PSML Top Young 100: Jakub Stachnik with a business case for Oriflame

1. Industrial Automation Leader: Balluff, Honorable Mention: Fanuc SA
2. Industrial Construction Leader: Kajima Poland
3. Industrial Production Leader: Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polpharma SA
4. Industrial Developer of the Year: Segro Poland
5. Industrial Exporter of the Year: Fakro, Honorable Mention: Nowy Styl
6. Logistics Operator of the Year: Rohling Suus Logistics SA, Honorable Mention: Raben Group Polska
7. Sustainable Transport Leader: Polregio
8. Industry Financing Leader: Bank Pekao SA
9. CEO of the Year: Andrzej Korpak, President of the Management Board of Opel Manufacturing Poland, Stellantis Group

Organizer: Executive Club

Honorary Patrons:
Łukasiewicz – Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania, Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju, Polska Izba Spedycji i Logistyki, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Menedżerów Logistyki i Zakupów, Szkoła Biznesu Politechnika Warszawska

Main Partners:
Budimex, Metroplan

Gold Partners:
Dassault Systemes, Michelin

ABC Czepczyński Algotech, Autoland Car Care, Balluff, Bank Ochrony Środowiska, DHL, Fanuc, Foton Technik, Maat4, Mar Bud, Mindento, Mostostal Puławy, Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu, Rohlig Suus Logistics, Sabur

Gala Main Partners:
Budimex, Metroplan

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Dassault Systemes, Michelin

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ABC Czepczyński, Maat4, Mostostal Puławy

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Cigno Consulting

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