“Business Fair Play”, if not us than who? We invite you to watch the video from webinar!

The fourth edition of Executive Club webinars is already behind us. In these difficult times for entrepreuners, we try to respond to the needs, which is why we decided to organize the “Business Fair Play” webinar, which took place on April 29 at 11:00. The video from webinar is available in the link above.

The broadcast was “live” on our website, on our YouTube profile and on our social media channels – Linkedin and Facebook.

This time we have focused on activities undertaken by enterprises to show business solidarity. Together we tried to face the challenge of an economic crisis caused by a pandemic. We wanted to show how important ethical attitudes are and set an example through leaders, because in difficult times you have to think about others and, above all, play “fair”. We have also considered what business charity looks like today and what good practices can be implemented to support those in need.


Skanska became the Main Partner of the webinar, Michelin became the Golden Partner and Budimex, BOLIX and Pfizer became the Partners.

The discussion was attended by:

  • Prof Boleslaw Rok – Department of Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Business, Kozminski University
  • MD, PhD Dorota Hryniewiecka – Firlej – President of the Management Board, Pfizer Polska
  • Karolina Radziszewska – Vice President, HR and Administration CEE, Skanska CDE
  • Agata Trzcianowska – Personnel Director, Michelin Poland
  • Maciej Korbasiewicz – Chairman of the Board, Bolix
  • Łukasz Kolano – Executive Director, Global Compact Network Poland

During the discussion, experts have raised topics such as:

  • Compliance with fair play principles in organization management. Is it particularly important now?
  • The role of the leader in shaping a culture based on values.
  • Trust as the best currency. Why is it worth being honest with contractors?
  • What are the social and economic costs of irresponsible business?
  • What does business charity look like today? Should business set an example of good practices in supporting those in need in difficult times?