Report from the second edition of the debate “Digital People – digital transformation of business”

On October 7, at the Bristol hotel in Warsaw, we had the pleasure to organize a club debate focusing on two issues: the digital transformation of business and the practical side of automation. The debate was co-organized by Hexe Capital, and the Honorary Patronage over the event was taken by the Ministry of Digitization.

The moderator of the first discussion panel entitled “Digital transformation of business” was Wiesław Paluszyński – Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications and the following persons were invited to the discussion: Dariusz Kwieciński – President of the Management Board, Fujitsu Poland; Tomasz Uflewski – Enterprise Business Manager, East Europe at HMD Global; Juliusz Brzostek – Cybersecurity Director, NASK PIB; Jacek Szczepański – Deputy Chairman of the Board, Atende SA; Michał Kanownik – President of the Management Board of ZIPSEE “Cyfrowa Polska”; Rafał Jaczyński – Regional Cyber ​​Security Officer, CEE & Nordics, Huawei. The first topic raised was the digital transformation of business in the near term. According to the panelists, the coronavirus epidemic undoubtedly accelerated the transformation process, but on the other hand, it is capital-intensive and in the current situation, companies are looking very carefully at their budgets. As of today, it seems that companies do what they have to do and do not face new investments, because the return on investment is too distant on the horizon. A very important element accelerating the transformation, which the panelists agreed on, is the change of mentality, i.e. the realization that digital transformation is a necessity. Unfortunately, in many cases it is still a barrier to effective digital transformation.

Another thematic block was the 5G network, the value of which is based not on parameters, but on its role in the connection of various ecosystems directly affecting the economy. Among the advantages of the 5G network, apart from greater capacity and low delays, there is also the possibility of connecting a large number of devices simultaneously (up to a million devices per 1 km2). This makes it possible to use this network locally in a very precise way, e.g. for the needs of individual production plants, large companies in Germany install a 5G network in their area. Summarizing this panel, bearing in mind all the possibilities and threats, you should act, seek and use your chance not to lose it while waiting for better times.


After this speech, a second discussion panel began. “Automation in practice”, moderated by Michał Pawlik – CEO, SMEO, and the following people were invited to the interview: Marcin Rybicki – Digital Communication Manager, Jeronimo Martins Group, Mariusz Pełechaty – CEO, Koda Bots, Bartosz Ziółko – CEO, Techmo Sp. z o.o. The practical side of automation, according to panelists, is primarily the simplification of work and obtaining new information. This can be helped by chatbots and voicebots, which are able to effectively automate communication. This may prove necessary when we have an intranet that is used by 70,000 users and which has 15 million views. Such an intranet is managed by the largest private employer in Poland – Biedronka. To find out how long such an implementation takes, what is its complexity level and what concerns arise during it, we encourage you to watch the video report from the event at this link.

Co-organizer: Hexe Capital

Honorary Patrons: Ministry of Digitization, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Patrons: Information Society Development Institute, Cyfrowyurzą, Cyfrowa Polska

Gold Partner: Huawei

Partners: Atende, Fujitsu, Nokia, SimplicITy

Main Media Patron: Manager Magazine